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How do I get inspired to write?

To quote a fellow author friend of mine, Chuck Graves, “I only write when I’m inspired and I make sure I’m inspired at 9am every morning.”
As an author it’s best to write everyday! Inspiration comes when you write. So set a schedule (routine is a must if you’re ever to finish a book). Even if you start out free writing or journaling. This then gets the writing juices flowing and can lead to the next scene in your story.
Exercise breaks can also help. At the very least take a walk. Sometimes I interview my characters on such walks. E.g. “How do you (the main character) feel about the terrible situation you are in right now?” So I’m thinking about how my characters will react or what the next scene will be while I exercise. This helps the mind and body, which a heathy mind and body are needed for creativity to flow.

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