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Audio Book Coming Soon!

AHHHHH! (Me screaming). Lots of news. Good, bad and everything in-between. Book 4 is on hold. 
I’ve spent over a week rewriting Book 1, Of Lords and Commoners. 😲
This will be the official 3rd edition. The hundredth draft (or is it one hundred and one?). 
The audio version of Book 1 is being recorded as I type this, by none other than our very own “Robby Henes”. 
Go Robby! She is doing great. She is using different voices for all the characters. She is amazing! 
Somehow the second edition was not good enough and/or it was lost. 
Either way the edition that is published is terrible! (And that is being nice). 
It needed a complete rewrite. So that will make 4 professional editors just for Book 1. Speaking of which if anyone can recommend an excellent proof reader, please do so in the comments below. 
Thanks in advance!

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