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Twilight Meets Underworld

On the outskirts of the Eastern Roman Empire in 1260 A.D. Vallachia is surprised to discover that she has fallen in love with her childhood friend, Teller. Her life is complicated by a mysterious and powerful noble who has decided that Vallachia should be the one to marry his son, Elijah.

Vallachia loves her humble life, her family and small community. But the only future she could have imagined, as well as her wonderfully simple life disappears. She finds herself in a struggle to figure out the rules of a strange new world she has been thrown into—the violent and deadly world of vampires. She longs for her old life and the one she truly loves remains out of reach, as she embarks on an inconceivable adventure.

Of Lords and Commoners is a historical thriller and the first in a series. It’s dramatic fiction with a realistic tone. This story tells an alternate history of Medieval Europe, creatively blending history with fantasy. It takes the reader through the latter part of the Byzantine Empire and into the dark times of the Black Plague, where Vallachia finds herself fighting to defend mankind.

A Fresh Spin on an Old Tale 

The second book in the Lords and Commoners series, Of Princes and Dragons, takes the reader deep into the world of Teller. Not to worry; there is still plenty of Vallachia and Elijah. Readers learn what Teller was up to all those years. Where did he disappear to? Why did he not go to Vallachia?

Teller’s story is one of action and adventure as he learns to thrive in this new world in which he now lives — the world of the vampire. It is a tale of his rise to power. There are new characters to fall in love with and this book adds much more history into the mix, as the reader follows the rise of the Ottoman Empire and the eventual fall of the Byzantine Empire. Finally, our three main characters are reunited — for better or worse. Once again the fate of the human race lies in the hands of the Court.

Twilight Meets The Da Vinci Code

The third book in the Lords and Commoners Series, Of Gods and Goddesses, takes the reader into the Renaissance and well beyond. Once again, vampire populations are under control and humans begin to flourish as a new civilization emerges. Arts, music, sciences, technologies start to explode across Europe as it awakens from the dark ages. What does all this mean for our characters who do not change? How will they react to this rapidly advancing world?

Vallachia and Elijah face new challenges as their ancient reign comes to an end. Teller and his companions work to uncover the mysterious origin of the vampire race — which could save them all. This novel is a futuristic apocalyptic thriller with a spiritual twist.

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